Our advantages

We are steadily loyal to provide clean, orderly and safe working conditions for health and welfare of employees, customers and for the community.

why choose us

A well maintained company that relentlessly pursues market opportunities, driven by a shared fervor for success.

Company History

Minah Corp. in her existence bears along to boost against the diminishing power of the globe’s economy.



"We had dreamed to have the small establishment grow to a medium size company. The dream has turned into a “ bigger reality” with the enthusiasm & dedications of the management and employees of Minah company limited. The company has grew up to hold many companies such as Z-waveArabia, Minah Security as well as partnerships in many other companies such as the US pioneers B&W fluid and others.

Having recorded great success in Construction, Operation & Maintenance and Client Support Services in the past years, we endeavor to record a “Greater Success” if God well in industrialization along with our partners in Malaysia – MPA – through our new factory SMPACO (Saudi Malaysian Phosphate Co.) which will be officially in full operation beginning 2014.

We will continue to carry out the responsibility to be one of the leaders in the Saudi market in the activities we work on.

I will not reveal a secret if I say loudly that we have made it through our investment in the “people” who turned the company into a beehive."

- Word From The Chairman, Ibrahim S. Al-Daajani

“The role of MINAH Company LTD. is to ensure that all our clients and partners benefit from our continued growth, success and development. In order to achieve this, MINAH Company LTD. has to further capitalize and build on the strengths accumulated from our ongoing diversification activities.

Our responsibility is to actively involved in overseeing the implementation of strategic plans, financial allocations, ensuring that our activities yield positive growth, developing managerial expertise and proper management on our fields. Our standard services, products and our numerous international joint venture partnership along with business enabling technology have resulted in an enhanced client offering.

Management principles, a customer focused vision and dedication, support and commitment of our workforce help drive our business and industry on the region and held us as leaders at local and international levels. Our devotion to these principles gave us the trust, confidence and respect from our clients, partners and customers. We are looking forward with the same dedication and commitment to each of our future endeavours in the market.”

- Chief Executive Officer, Homoud D. Al-Oshaishan

Our Company

MINAH for Operation and Industrial Support Services LTD – Minah Company LTD. was brought into existence by the untiring effort of the Partners. Mold with traditions and determination - ooze in the streamline of development. It emerged as a Saudi Corporation in an advent of Minah’s Contracting Services Establishment. Its radiant escapades in Constructions, Engineering Services, Industrial Services, IT Support Services, Administrative Support, Property Maintenance, Catering Services, Food Preparations, etc.

Info cases variety of Industrial Machineries, Industrial Electrical Assemblies and Spare Parts, Electrical Accessories, Industrial Power Tools, Industrial Safety Equipments, Supplies and Accessories, Fire Fighting Equipments (Foams & Concentrates), Fire Fighting gears and related instruments, Industrial Building Security Perimeter Cameras, Office Internal Monitoring Security Cameras, Equipment supply, installations and Operation and Maintenance, Heavy Equipments for Earthmoving, Civil Construction (i.e. roads, buildings, ditches and sewerages development), Boom Crane, Fork Lift (Light & Heavy) Truck Trailers or any adept needs of mobilizations transport for personal affects, slow moving equipments to work sites, etc. Contracted to known top Petrochemical companies as SABIC (United, IBN ZAHR, IBN SINA, Petrokemya), Saudi Aramco, SIPCHEM, Gulf Farabi, TASNEE, SATORP, GCCIA, ArcelorMittal, PMD, Zen Tech, MaAden, JESCO and SAHARA Petrochemicals had engraved its name in the service arena for the past fruitful years.

The time and its growing generations, evolves into a larger demand. Minah Company LTD. in its existence bears along to boost against the diminishing power of the globe’s economy. Discipline on every task paved a better, stable and consistent business corporation. Its equipped and well-trained professionals focus to align the growing business needs in the region through country side. Minah Company LTD. in all odds’ surpasses and remains in its competitive edge. Further, a focus single goal is way paved to provide the best service possible for our users. Being a dominion enterprise, Minah Company LTD. boasts the very best in technical support, hardware and software to ensure that we are always ready when you need us. We always looking for ways to make service better and encourage you to contact us with any suggestions. Now, a company of high prestige -established a clear vision and mission to banner its march towards greater success. “We will make it happen For You..”

Our Vision

A dominant preferred Constructions Contractor, provider of Services in Maintenance, Industry and Catering. Its versatility stands to related services for enhancing life and preserving the environment. A worth profitable company with aggregate business value placed among the top companies in the Region and country wide.

Our Mission

Minah shall be vibrant supplier of preferred choice in the market responsive to the needs of our customers and providing them best value for their resources.

A well maintained company that relentlessly pursues market opportunities, driven by a shared fervor for success, enabled by empowering environment in attaining business goals, innovation, fulfillment and professional growth bounded by culture that recognizes the value added suggestions of colleagues.

We will candidly comply with value regulated requirements, consistently grow on Quality Management and drill on Responsive Care where we operate to augment the quality of life.

We shall be committed with an utmost courageous performance supporting businesses for advancement and realization of earning potentials.

Core Values

Our created and desired organizational culture is our values to serve. It was and is our guide in our daily behavior. We value integrity, honesty and respect with clients, customers and stakeholders.

We are steadily loyal to provide clean, orderly and safe working conditions for health and welfare of employees, customers and for the community. In pursuance to this -place of work exalt workers and pride in employment. Its standard operating procedures are all in compliance to systems and processes that ensure conformity with all laws on Safety, Health and Environmental values.

Quality Policy

We do in steadfast valor to provide quality services adhering to the satisfaction of our clienteles to sustain our commitment. We frequently improve quality management system and ensure it disseminated and comprehended within the organization. We systematically evaluated our performance to guarantee the attainment of quality objectives.